Shannon : Know Thyself.

Hi friends!  My name is Shannon and I run a blog about mental health and living as well as you can, and I am here to talk to you about my anxiety.

My story, in short, is that doctors told me in my late teens that I had depression and anxiety.  It was around the first half of college where things got really bad.  I chose to go to a psychologist about this, who helped me figure out that my depression was a result of my anxiety; so, anxiety (how many times have I said that word already in this post?  Probably too many) was the real beast behind the machinations of all my mental health issues.


With a lot of effort, self-love, and a whole lot of self-care, I was able to bring my anxiety down to something that I find manageable whenever it arises.  In turn, the depression mostly went away.  Not to imply that life is full of sunshine and daisies now, that’d be a bald-faced lie to be honest, but my life is much better than what it was.

The biggest thing I attribute to my recovery is the phrase “know thyself.”  Due to the fact that I figured out (for me) my depression was caused by my anxiety, I was able to create a game plan for getting better based on that information.  Anxiety was what I was working on learning to manage, while depressive episodes were met with self care more than anything else.  When the anxiety was successfully rendered manageable, the depression went away for the most part.

I am no professional, and I never want to tell anybody that the things I talk about are the solutions for depression and anxiety.  In my experience though, being unafraid to get to know who I am and why I feel the way I am was the number one way I pulled myself out of some really dark places.  If it helped me, I hope it helps someone else.

Thanks for your time,



If you would like to find more from Shannon you can check her out on twitter , instagram and also on her website 


email: if you want to get involved!

DISCLAIMER: If you are experiencing difficulty please speak to your GP or a mental health professional, if you or someone you care for is at risk to themselves please call your emergency services.


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